Preliminary information of the 2023 Congress of the European Association of Registrars

The 21st congress of the European Association of Registrars will take place for the first time in Estonia, in the period 27.04 - 28.04.2023, at Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn.

The congress program is extensive and extends over two days (27-28.04) and includes discussions of current sectoral topics in Europe and reviews of developments in civil status procedures. The congress provides an opportunity for the exchange of experiences of registrars of European countries in order to make the use of public services as easy and convenient as possible for people. The plan is to introduce Estonia's digital solutions and enhance cooperation between countries in order to provide e-government services in a more accessible, user-oriented and more united way. As a result, it is hoped that it will contribute to the launch of new digital solutions in other European countries, which would ensure a faster movement of civil status documents within Europe.

The topics of discussion concern several other different civil status and population procedures. The congress program also includes introducing Estonia through a cultural program and a festive joint event. You can find information about previous congresses here: /

The Professional Association of Estonian Registrars has been a member of the European Association of Registrars since September 2017.

The 21st congress of the European Association of Registrars: